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About Our Suppliers

About Naturaw

Naturaw is a family run company based near York in North Yorkshire. They’re not interested in any corporate nonsense, they’re just a group of humans incredibly passionate about our pets. Nowhere more is this displayed than by their desire to feed them the best diet available…raw.

Naturaw produces 80:10:10 (meat:bone:offal) diets with reliable nutritional analysis that form the balanced bedrock for a dogs daily diet. These are not complete foods in that no vegetable matter is added to the balanced product (nor any other supplements or additives) allowing owners to add appropriate vegetables and small amounts of e.g. berries according to their dogs individual needs. This makes the range very flexible and easily adapted for animals with food intolerances or health issues, as it is much easier to add something to a diet than remove it.


It will be a pleasure to work with the naturaw team.

About PurrForm

PurrForm, simply pure and natural recipes are based on the company’s philosophy that a cat is an obligate carnivore and therefore should be fed on real raw meat and bone with no preservatives or any palatant enhancements.

PurrForm recipes are a complete raw diet , grain-free,  high in protein, containing only what a cat would eat in the wild. Our recipes are made with 100% human grade meat which includes raw meat, offal and finely ground bones and all our meats are carefully selected to give your cat the meal that it deserves. We believe that a cat fed a diet consisting of protein leads a longer and healthier life.

As PurrForm products are complete foods, they contain all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires on a daily basis. It is not necessary to feed PurrForm along side any other type of wet or dry food. 

About Thrive

Thrive believe that you and your pet are what you eat. So they’ve used 30+ years of experience of making premium quality food for humans to create a revolutionary ‘real’ pet food with simple, easily recognisable ingredients. Thrive insist on using human-grade cuts of meat or fish, no substitutes and absolutely no ‘animal derivatives’. Their food is completely pure and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, added sugars, wheat, gluten, dairy, soya and GM ingredients (you could say it’s what we leave out that makes Thrive different).

Thrive also use innovative manufacturing processes from the human food industry to create ground breaking products, like their new PremiumPlus Chicken dry food, which contains 90% meat - the highest in the world - or their freeze-dried treats which are natural, healthy and bursting with flavour. Open a tin or tube of Thrive and you’ll see exactly what you are feeding your pet: pure goodness, no nonsense

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About Furry Feasts

Furry Feasts raw pet food in the southwest of England, is a DEFRA approved (11/001/8104 /ABP/PTF) raw pet food manufacturer in Kinson and Blandford, Dorset, made from all natural ingredients which is also known as BARF- Biologically Appropriate Raw Food or feeding the whole prey model.

Furry Feast's mission is simple… to provide dogs and cats with the essential minerals and proteins they need for an active, healthy lifestyle. They do this by providing low cost fresh human grade ingredients with no added cereals, just raw fresh meat as they would eat in the wild.

About Botanica
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