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ZooLac Paste Probiotic Treatment 15ml

ZooLac Paste Probiotic Treatment 15ml



4.2 billion bacteria per ml: Lactobacillus Pediococcus, Bacillus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Fat (vegetable), Dextrose, Vinasse (substrate of cells from fermentation of lactic acid), lecithin. Feed additives: Silicone dioxide (E551b), Lactic Acid (E270 ZooLac®PROPASTE® is administered when an improved digestion or a more stable intestinal flora is required. In new situations such as stress, during transport, changes to feed, as a supplement for uncomplicated diarrhoea, etc. For restoring the intestines e.g. after or together with antibiotic treatment. Can also be used preventively.

ZooLac®PROPASTE® is a natural product and cannot be overdosed.


Fat (vegetable from canola, refined) 75%, dextrose 10%, vinasse (substrate of cells from the fermentation of lactic acid) 8%, lecithin 2.6, feed additives.


Binders, anti-caking agent and coagulants: silicon dioxide, amorphous E551b, 20g/kg

Product comes in 15ml Syringe



Administer ZooLac® PROPASTE® using the user-friendly dosing syringe which constitutes the product packaging. Prior to administration, set the syringe to the required amount, as per the dosing table. Place the correct amount of ZooLac® PROPASTE® on the animal's tongue or on top of its feed. The administration itself is easy, because animals tend to like the taste of ZooLac® PROPASTE®.


Crude fat 75%, fiber 1.2%, crude ash 0.9%, crude protein 0.5%


Store ZooLac® PROPASTE® at normal room temperature. If the product is stored in the fridge, then it must be brought to room temperature prior to administration.

Body Weight (kg)Dosage (ml)



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