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RAWKINGS is a new, fun and family-run business, providing a variety of raw food products for your pets. We offer personal advice, competitive prices and home delivery.


My husband, Alan, and I, Leigh, have to date, 5 years experience of 100% raw feeding, since we fell in love & purchased our first high generation F2 Savannah cat in 2015. From then, the love of Savannahs and raw feeding has grown massively and been such an important part of keeping these big, beautiful cats strong and healthy, just as nature intended!


In recent years, I have watched the industry become ever more popular. Particularly due to the health benefits a raw diet provides, resulting in less frequent vet visits. We truly believe “We are what we eat”. This is why the products we stock are some of the very best available. Rawkings was born when I found myself out of work in the coronavirus pandemic. The name was brought to us by our newest member of the family, our potential savannah stud, Rawking. He joins us in August 2020. We are very much customer and animal focused and hope our service, love of animals and raw feeding will make your shopping with us a simple & enjoyable experience. Thank you for taking the time to visit our new adventure and online shop. We look forward to seeing your pets live a fit, long and happy life with the benefits of a raw food diet. Leigh & Alan Best xx

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